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Space-Themed Slots

Space-Themed Slots 

Humans have had a fascination with the great unknown since we first walked the Earth. Our ancestors made up stories about the stars and linked them with Gods, Goddesses, and mysticism. Scientists studied the sky and attempted to unravel its mysteries. And science fiction writers were enamored by these mysteries. Slot designers have had a fascination with space, and thus, many online games are based on exploring the stars. In this article, we will look at ten space-themed slots and discuss their quality. If you are interested in online slot machine reviews, you should stick around and take a look at our article.

Project Space

The desire to explore space certainly exists within Dragon Gaming’s Project Space slot. Symbols depicting spacemen/women, rocket ships, supernovas and the stars all instill a sense of wonder in the player. The 5-4 reel yields 50 different ways to win the prize, and with an adaptable volatility paired with a 94% RTP, the slot is excellent for newbies and seasoned gamblers. Just remember, exploring space is not as simple as traveling solo, so make sure you review some guides on playing online slots, if this is your first experience with them.

Star Cash

Star Cash may not appeal to seasoned gamblers, but it is an excellent place for newbies to hone their skills. Set against a space-themed backdrop, the 5-3-reel slot offers ten ways to win the grand prize. With a minimum deposit of 0.1 and a maximum deposit of 50, you are guaranteed to have fun at a low cost.

Time Bender

Time and space are intricately connected, not just in physics but in science fiction. And the Time Bender slot is an excellent tribute to classic time travel stories like Doctor Who, the Time Machine, and more. The 5-4-reel slot offers 40 different ways to win and appeals to both seasoned veterans with its relatively high maximum bet and newbies with the 0.8 minimum bet.

Back to Venus

Betsoft is one of the most beloved and trustworthy slot developers today. And their 2020 release, Back to Venus, is an excellent choice for any skin freak. The player becomes a farming astronaut who finds himself back on Earth’s neighbor. Man-eating plants have taken over, and the player must win in a game of slots to save the planet—twenty different ways to win the 5×3 reel, with a maximum win of x4338 per bet line.

Mystic Rift

The depths of the ocean have often been linked to space. And Mystic Rift’s gorgeously rendered backdrops resemble a far-away planet’s ecosystem, much closer than anything on Earth. We should warn you the game is low-stakes, so much so that even casual gamblers might be bored. However, if you are looking to graduate from social gambling to real-money play, Mystic Rift is where you want to start.


Developed by RealTime Gaming, the Nova7s slot is a treat for gamblers who love gazing at stars. Simple to play and understand, Nova7s is a 5×3 grid slot that offers 25 different ways to win the grand prize. Players can chase after the four different bonuses that the game offers. And those who feel lucky might want to go after the 50,000x per bet line grand prize. Nova7s is the perfect game for any star-loving space geek.

Star Gems

Free drops, excellent payout, and mysterious prizes are available when playing Star Gems. The 6-reel slot condenses everything we find fascinating about stars into a simple game. If you are a newbie, we recommend researching ways to win online slots before you play. However, Star Gems are great for newbies and veterans alike.

Alien Wins

Another of RealTime Gaming’s entries, Alien Wins, takes the space theme in a more sci-fi direction. Tiny Aliens are invading, and the player must help them by winning this exceptionally designed slot game. The 2023 release is not at all for seasoned gamblers. However, newbies, low-stake players, or casual gamblers will undoubtedly get a kick out of chasing the 50,000-per-bet line grand prize.

Star Diamonds

Star Diamonds is the simplest of online slots. A 3×3-reel set against a falling star backdrop, the game is excellent for anyone looking to get into online slots. With a minimum bet of 1.25 and a maximum bet of 12.5, the game might not interest big-time gamblers but will serve as an excellent gateway for newcomers. And with a max prize of 5000 per bet line, some might even win a hefty penny.

Mega Gems

Mega Gems is a classic 5-3-reel slot set against a high-tech background that could easily be interpreted as a spaceship. Excellent for newbies and seasoned gamblers alike, the game’s minimum and maximum bets are 0.02 and 100, respectively. So, check Mega Gems out whether you are a low-stakes or a high-stakes gambler.

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